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Here is the view sailing into Ketchikan.

On this day we didn’t have any big excursions planned. We just wanted to walk around and see the town. It is a cute town, but very touristy. I started to feel like it was just the same stuff in every store. Ketchikan is also known for totem poles, and there is a totem pole park, but the cost to see it was high and so we passed. Later a local told another family member that the totem pole park was just low-income housing with totem poles. So we don’t feel too bad about missing it. We did see a few totem poles around town. 

My favorite part of Ketchikan was Creek Street, which back in the day, was the seedy part of town filled with brothels. Now is it filled with yet more souvenir shops. But it is a great walk and a good place to look for fish.


Yeah, Sam isn’t one to hold still for pictures. I guess Grandpa was helping him.

Just for perspective, here is the Disney Wonder parked in Ketchikan.

Next: Skagway- which was actually day 4. Opps.


Okay- I can’t talk about Ketchikan without including this little story. During our entire trip our family had been putting together a smash book/scrapbook for my parents. Ketchikan was our last port and we wanted to include some pictures so that meant we needed to find a place to get them printed. Suzi, my sister, and I decided we would find a place to get pictures printed. We started out touring with our parents (in pictures above)and when we went into shops Suzi started asking around where we could get pictures printed. We were told the only place was Walmart, about three miles away. So we confirmed this information with a taxi driver who offered to take us but also mentioned there was free shuttle we could take back. Then we decided we needed to ditch our parents and find this shuttle or a city bus. We ran around Ketchikan wondering how we were going to find out where it was. When we were on an intersection we looked up and saw our neice Meghan and her husband Bryce in a cute electric car! We thought we found our ride. They didn’t see us and started to drive down the street, so we yelled and chased them down until they came back to us. Then Bryce told us they couldn’t take the car that far and it only went 30mph.

Bummed, we did not give up. We asked around and found out where the shuttle stop was. As we waited, we noticed a nice mini-bus that said free shuttle and thought it would be a nice ride to Walmart, but that mini-bus never showed up at our stop. Instead this did:

It actually doesn’t look so bad from the outside, but we were a little hesitant to get in. My sister made me go first. It was filthy inside and I could feel the springs in the seats when I sat down. But- we decided the Walmart van was a great way to see Ketchikan- and it was FREE. So that was our excursion for the day and much cheaper than the plane ride our other sister when on. We got our pictures printed just before they closed and they turned out fabulous. On our way home when I went to close the van door, the handle fell off. Oh well! I guess we get what we pay for.