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As I mentioned, we have a playhouse in our family room that the kids love.

The playhouse is built from some space under the stairs. It’s fairly spacious for a playhouse. Kaitlyn is the only one who can walk through the door without ducking. I can barely squeeze in and have to crawl. I usually don’t try to go in there and I make the kids clean it out. Here is Kaitlyn in her kitchen:

There is also a little table in there and room for a little chair under the window. Around the corner is the baby bed.

All the kids love to hide out in there. When the older kids have friends over, they go in there to tell secrets. What they don’t realize is that when they are under the stairs we can hear them almost perfectly when we are on the stairs. Someday they might figure that out. But for now, I often get a good laugh listening as I am going up and down the stairs.