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Boo has been growing some more fluff. It’s a good thing too. This morning when I woke up, I looked at the thermometer and the temperature outside was only 16 degrees. 16 degrees!! Goodness- and it’s only November. Here in Idaho, winter starts the day after Halloween. We have snow on the ground (mostly melted, but still). The forecast doesn’t call for any temperature above the 30’s in the forseeable future. All this skipping a proper fall and jumping into winter in November is tragic for an Easterner like myself. I long to be back in Virginia jumping into piles of leaves or back in Connecticut going for a drive to leaf peep.

As we get into winter, I start to hibernate. This year I have told myself I need to get out more on these winter days (especially when the sun is out because it makes all the difference). I’ve promised Boo I would take him outside at least once a day for a walk or to chase the ball. He’s ready-with all his fluff that is still growing. Every year I tell myself we need to embrace winter. Hopefully we will take more ski trips and the kids will take ice skating lessons. I admire these Idahoans who love winter and spend lots of time out in it. We just all need to add some more fluff to our wardrobe. I like the Scandinavian saying, “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.”

I should add that Boo is kind enough to share his fluff. When he lays on your feet, it’s better than slippers and everyone wants to curl up next to him on chilly evenings. He doesn’t seem to mind giving the service as long as you rub his ears and belly.