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2013 June Castle on Water 2It has been a long time since I blogged about my U.K. trip last summer. I still have so many great pictures (and memories) that I want to post more of what we did. As you might remember, for this trip I went with my two sisters and my mother to the U.K. for two weeks. We left our husbands and kids behind and had a great time traveling. I posted earlier here, here, here, and here. Today I am posting photos from our bus tour around Scotland. We drove through the Lower and Upper Highlands and ferried over to the Isle of Skye. We all admit we were sick of riding on the bus but we saw some great things.

2013 June Castle on Water Scotland with Suzi and Lori

2013 Loch Lommand 1

2013 June Us in front of ruins ScotlandMy sister was a little excited about all the sites.

2013 June Suzi jumping ruins Scotland

2013 Scotland Landscape 2

2013 Scotland Collage 2We would often stop and get off the bus. We would take pictures but you can see others got off the bus for other reasons.

2013 Scotland Collage 1One thing I will always associate with Scotland now will be stone walls and sheep. Both were everywhere.

2013 Scotland Landscape Stone Walls

2013 Scotland Suzi with Scottish reinactors

2013 Scotland Us with the Piper 2013 Scotland Hogwarts Express BridgeThe Glenfinnan Viaduct was where the Hogwarts Express traveled. You might recognize it from the movies. We also stopped in Glen Coe at the Three Sisters Mountains. They were beautiful. Someone else on the bus pointed out that the three sisters (us) should have their picture taken in front of The Three Sisters.

2013 In front of 3 sisters mountains

2013 Scotland Three Sisters Mountains 2

2013 Scotland Mom Suzi Lori at Three SistersAt this point on our bus tour we were getting kind of sick of the bus and were wishing we were hanging out with the MacBackpackers instead. Maybe next time…

2013 MacBackpackersFinally, I should mention among the “must dos” in Scotland- like take your picture with a piper, we also tried the haggis. Here is what it looked like:

2013 June Haggis Scotland

It wasn’t the worst thing I tasted, but probably because it was coated in sauce and prepared for tourists. I had a couple of bites but that was enough for me. They also had it for breakfast at all the hotels we stayed at but once was enough for me. If I return to Scotland I will politely turn down the haggis.